Inspired by Nature's Spiritual Presence




         Twin Coonspirancy

I’ve had a life long empathy for and appreciation of animals.

Most wildlife have no voice about what happens to them.  They’re innocent victims of mankind’s needs and caprices. The natural world is so full of spirituality that is created by a force or forces beyond our own. I believe that humans must be the stewards of those innocent beings and share our finite world with them. Conservation is not just a sentimental thought, but has proven to be a valuable tool in the continued sustainability of human life on this planet.

It has been said that people won’t strive to save or fight for things we don’t love. My focus on wildlife art is borne by a hope that the dignity and value of wildlife will emerge in the conscious and subconscious minds of people who see my work. If the creatures in the forests inspire me to replicate their images, maybe the images will move other people to care about protecting their lives and habitat for our shared future.

All animals are as important in our continued ability to live on Earth as all the planning we do for ourselves.


                                                                      Meadow Intermezzo                                                                    


                                                                      Majestic Vision


       Ursa's Legacy                                                        Ursa, A California Memory



                     Tree Hawk                                                              Out of the Sky



                    Fox Family                                                                Cougar Pass

                            The First Morning                                                Edge of the Forest 


Natural Order


Pencil and Pastel

Prince of Spring

Spring Fawn