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The Return of Truth

Printmaking Technique

 Relief or block printing consists of an image or design being cut into a piece of wood or other substance, then inking the uncut parts of the piece, placing paper over it and “printing” by applying pressure over the entire inked area. Several different blocks can be used, or the same block in different colors or values for varying effects in one piece of work. Stamping is a form of printmaking. Prints can be used with collage and assemblage pieces to further individualize them.

Relief printing allows the creation of as many copies of the printed piece as the artist decides to make. They are all unique and original, and more affordable art can be made available than one-of-a-kind pieces tend to be.

Registration, color blending, paper selection, ink type are all variables that add to the interest and dynamic dimensions of the final print. Enhancing a printed piece with watercolor, ink, colored pencil, pastel, stamps, fingerprints or whatever, makes the final work so much more fun and interesting and creates an entirely unique visual effect.

Printmaking is a simple but dramatic medium available to everyone.




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